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About Speculate 2 Accumulate


The aim of the service is to provide both a state of the art sports analysis and tipping service and also a sports information platform to facilitate the opportunity for Tipping Services and individuals to both advertise their sporting information and (if required) to purchase and develop that service with our help at minimal cash outlay to themselves.

SP2A Speedway


SP2A Speedway is a new and exciting development for us. It has been created on the back of an excellent summer of Analysis and Tipping on the 2018 Speedway GP series which delivered over 100 points of Net Profit and a Return On Investment of over 125% to level Stakes on all advised selections for each of the 10 Rounds and also the Overall Title on the main SP2A platform.

We have also become more involved with Speedway Sponsorship with a small Team of Riders, headed by European Under 19 Finalist and British Under 19 Championship Runner-Up Tom Brennan, leading National League Rider Georgie Wood, outstanding German based British born Ethan Spiller and also some sponsorship help to the Forman IT Eastbourne Eagles.

With major plans to expand our reach and exposure in Speedway Racing; both in the UK and Globally in 2019, a new and dedicated Speedway portal called SP2A Speedway seemed a logical development

Full information on our Horse Race tipping Services can be found on the SP2A website. If you are interested in our sports information services please check there and proceed to the "Opportunities" toolbar or contact us via our Contact Us page. All of our "Opportunity" services will be available via a separate website supported by sms and telephone hotlines.

JMI Publications


JMI Publications is the brainchild of a small number of individuals with many years experience and expertise in the fields of sports tipping, sports marketing, website and telephone development and is backed by many years of senior management expertise in the private and public sectors of corporate business and finance.

Speculate2accumulate aims to become the primary internet portal for all types of sports tipping , sports information and sporting statistics backed by a development plan of phased integration over the next few years.



We have simple and very cheap membership schemes to allow immediate entry to both or sports tipping and sports membership offerings. In our "opportunities" area you will find exciting and innovative updates and information on new business opportunities for anyone who has ever wanted to make a solid and sustainable second income out of their interest in sport NONE of which involve any form of betting or chance, many of which guarantee income with absolutely no set up fees or self funding.

If you are interested in sport, of any type, at any level, whether you want information, tips or to generate a substantial second income or whether you are just curious - please bookmark this website and come back time and time again to check the regular updates on the exciting opportunities that we plan to offer both our members and visitors to our website.

If you have an idea for any sports related website or information service but don't know how to get started, please feel free to Contact Us for informal and friendly advice!