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Terms and Conditions covering the use of Website & Online Tips


By using the website www.sp2aspeedway.com, or parent websites www.speculate2accumulate.co.uk or www.sp2a.co.uk and any of the information or services contained within the website you are agreeing to abide to all the Terms and Conditions as laid out below. If you do not agree with anything listed below you should NOT use the website or any of the information or services displayed.


SP2ASpeedway, Speculate2accumulate.co.uk and sp2a.co.uk are internet websites wholly owned, managed and maintained by JMI Publications, for the purposes of this agreement, SP2ASpeedway, Speculate2Accumulate.co.uk and sp2a.co.uk and JMI Publications shall be treated as the same legal entity and referred to from herein as "speculate2accumulate".

The website is defined as meaning the website(s) operated by JMI Publications containing “speculate2accumulate" content.

A Tipster is defined as any person who has entered into a relationship with speculate2accumulate to operate a tipping service using the speculate2accumulate platform. We simply manage the flow of information supplied by third party tipsters and report on their tip success rates.

Tipping Service is defined to be the online tips that are supplied by tipsters registered with speculate2accumulate that may be accessed through the speculate2ccumulate website.

In this agreement:

  • Words denoting the singular include the plural and vice versa.
  • Words denoting persons include natural persons, corporate bodies, unincorporated associates, sole traders and partnerships.
  • Headings in this agreement are inserted for convenience only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of this agreement